Common Betting Mistakes to Avoid

There is a narrow line between being a winning and a losing punter. In sports betting, mistakes are common and can happen even to expert bettors. However, if you are betting for profit, you want to avoid them because they cost money.  

Learning the most common errors experienced in sports betting should give you a better chance of making wise decisions and boost your winning possibilities. 

Lack of Bankroll Management

A successful punter is one who bets responsibly. It means managing your bankroll actively by setting a budget for the game. The amount set aside specifically for placing wagers forms your betting bankroll. 

After setting this amount aside, define rules for how much you should stake on each wager. Because sticking to the rules requires discipline, you will need to exercise self-control. Do not make the mistake of changing unit size depending on how well or how badly you are doing. 

When the game is in your favor, do not be tempted to double your unit size or try to chase it back in one swoop.  Adopt a flat-betting approach and risk only 1-5 percent of your money.  Managing your bankroll will prevent you from spending money you should not lose. It should also keep you from chasing losses and making poor betting decisions.  

Betting too Many Games

Although sports betting is a game of small edges, there are occasions where you gain a large edge. Successful punters know that the game is about identifying inefficient markets and taking advantage of them. 

There will be occasions where you will be exposed to many plays. Note that betting too many of them will cost you money and could render you bankrupt, especially if you are just starting. Placing wagers on all games without reasoning will end up chipping away the bankroll. 


In some proportions, betting based on favoritism is the biggest mistake any gamer can make. There is the appeal of betting on a favorite team, but if you are bookmaking to make a profit, this is beyond optimal. Bias causes most bettors to miss a substantial edge. 

For instance, if a team from your local area is in the game, you know it more than most other gamblers. Having in-depth knowledge about a team can work to your advantage. If you are after making money on bookies such as Comeon casino for example, bias should not guide your betting decision. 

Chasing Losses

Almost every player, including the most experienced, has made this mistake. Soon after a string of so many losses, most players are tempted to chase their losses. Understand that doing so hurts your long-term profits and could injure your betting career. 

Chasing losses means wagering beyond the set unit size soon after suffering a losing streak. Players chase losses in the hope of saving the money lost. Evaluate betting markets and trust the process. 

Unrealistic Expectations

Sports betting can fetch you a lot of money. However, it is usually a slow grind which, in the end, turns into a steady profit. New punters, unfortunately, expect to walk away with millions or thousands of dollars as soon as they begin to wager. 

This is not to discourage you from betting. You only need to approach it with clear expectations. Expecting a slow grind means that major wins will feel great, while losses will not hurt much. 

Emotional Betting

Emotional betting is always a ticket to bankruptcy. There is the tendency of most bettors placing their wagers blindly without analyzing match statistics or considering the odds. Although this betting strategy may work several times, it can seriously hurt your betting career. 

No matter how well a team may seem to play, you must be objective when betting. Placing a wager depends entirely on the analysis of the past statistics, hard and cold facts, probabilities, and sometimes just sheer luck. Ensure that all your bets are constantly placed from the head, not the heart. 


Most players expect to win but are not willing to put in some effort into their betting. Laziness is only allowed for casual gamers. However, if you are looking to walk away with some profit, you must work hard. 

A lot of people think that professional betting is about trying your luck. It is about researching and analyzing previous data, watching the footage of past games, and looking into stats to get an edge. Begin by picking a specific niche and work hard towards winning before extrapolating other fields. 

Conversations such as betting mistakes may seem negative, but is it important to explore to ensure you are making the right moves while betting. The truth is, every bettor can make mistakes in sports betting. However, learning from them and minimizing the losses can maximize your chances of winning.

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