Game Title Rating Dowloads
Pop’n Pop 0/5 1,960
Shadowgate Classic (V1.0) 0/5 1,936
Super Doll Licca-chan – Kisekae Daisakusen 0/5 1,028
Tonka Construction Site 0/5 1,484
Wizardry Empire (V1.0) 0/5 1,419
Tales Of Phantasia – Narikiri Dungeon 0/5 1,612
All-Star Baseball 2000 0/5 1,145
Beatmania GB Gotcha Mix 2 0/5 1,479
Laura 0/5 1,851
Microsoft Entertainment Pack 0/5 1,240
NSYNC – Get To The Show 0/5 1,174
Sabrina – The Animated Series – Zapped! 0/5 1,895
Tiny Toon Adventures – Buster Saves The Day 0/5 1,788
Choro Q – Hyper Customable GB 0/5 1,200
Hello Kitty No Magical Museum 0/5 1,100
Kakutou Ryouri Densetsu Bistro Recipe – Gekitou Foodon Battle Hen 0/5 1,154
Pia Carrot He Youkoso!! 2.2 0/5 1,118
Portal Runner 0/5 1,929
Rhino Rumble 0/5 1,440
Shaman King Chou Senjiryakketsu – Funbari Hen 0/5 1,822
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Gameboy Color Roms / GBC ROMs

The Game Boy Color is a fifth-generation handheld video gaming console manufactured by Nintendo. Game Boy Color was released on October 21, 1998, in Japan and later released in the international market. Pokémon Gold and Silver was the best selling game of Game Boy Color. Game Boy Color has three times as much memory as the original Game Boy but the screen resolution was the same as the Game Boy.

Many Games of the Game Boy Color also compatible with the Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Super Game Boy, Super Game Boy 2. Game Boy Color was also included the “Hi-Color Mode” that can display more than 2000 different colors on the screen.

Games that are specially designed for the Game Boy Color are housed in clear-colored cartridges display a warning message and refuse to play if used in older GB models. The Game Boy Cartridges will function properly only when used in a Game Boy Color or in the latest Model of Game Boy. Game Boy Color exclusive games are differently shaped from original Game Boy games. The Game Boy Color had a large playable games library of 576 games of Game Boy Color. Game Boy Color could add colors to black and white games using the random algorithm.

The Game Boy Color was discontinued on March 23, 2003.

Here we have listed GBC Roms that you can download and play on your GBC device or GBC emulator. These Gameboy Color game roms is categorised according to genre and region. You can select your desired GBC game rom that you like to play.