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If you’re acquiring a great skill at playing cards in real life, also, you’re steady enough for the WIN— you are recommended to try your luck on sega casino games, an online gambling game.

Remember, having Sega Casino experience can be your greatest reward all through your life— there’s always TOMORROW of playing casino games.

Welcome to the world of casino games where fortune can be gain or lose with the turning of a card.

Are you ready for the challenge with a high-stakes gambler? Are you with the guts to beat the dealer in a fast-moving game of Black Jack— the choice is yours!

Casino Games are most popular in the USA and European nations but Japan is the mother of it.

Casino Games need not be influenced by any other video games, rather it is influenced by real-life casinos and card games. It was created with the inspiration of the city Las Vegas which is a great hub for gambling or poker.

Believe it or not, casino games ROM is having a generic collection of gambling games with eye-catching visual. 

Casino Games(sega 1989)

  • System(s): Sega Masters System
  • Publisher: Sega of America, INC
  • Developer: Compile, Sega of Japan
  • Peripherals supported: FM Sound Unit
  • Genre: Puzzle-game
  • Number of players: Single
  • Release: 1989,September
  • Sound: PSG
  • Controls: Joystick/Gamepad
  • Included in Package: Instruction Manual


Casino Games is a Sega Master Game released in 1989, September. It contains three card games(Baccarat, Poker and Blackjack) and two arcade games which include Slot Machine and Pinball. It is a compilation of gambling mini-games. It is the later development of Compile’s Parlour Games.

In Casino games, players can start with $500 to $100 minimum bets but can go up to $10,000 bets while getting into the game. If one can raise $1 million, he’s free out to buy casino and retired wealthy. If a player wins a game, a password is generated for continued progress— if one’s run out of money, the game will OVER.

Sega’s casino games is very simple to play. First, the player has to select the role(male or female) with a custom name. The minimum amount should start at $500 in the casino “Club Sega”.It is up to the player how many bets he would choose in the card games and slot machine.

The best thing about casino games is, it is much enjoyable for everyone, ranging from amateurs to experts. It is because the manual instructs those who aren’t versed in cards. As with the mind-blowing visual, you’re bounded with it. Indeed, it’s a bunch of fun-package. Usually, the computer player’s face smiles at a good hand but frowns at a bad hand, LOL.

The category of games available are:

Poker – At this stage, a player has to play with one of the four CPU players; varies from easy players to the toughest players. The player is presented with five-card-draw poker. While the player, after playing the ante, can Bet, Pass, or fold for a round. Today, this industry has evolved and there are even video poker games that you can play in dedicated play rooms.

Blackjack – The main objective of this round is to score higher than the dealer but should not be exceeding than 21 points for the value of the player’s card. Bets can be started from $10 – $100.

Baccarat – here, a player tries to beat the dealer’s score by adding only the last digit of the total cards(10+4=4). If the score is lower to six, the player gets dealt one more card. If the player score is over six or seven then the dealer may be awarded with an extra card, but with complex rules. Bets can be started from $10 – $100.

Slot Machine  – it is included old standard fruit slot machine each line. A player can pick a slot machine that comes in $1, $5, $25, $50, or $100 per token.

Pinball – the player is presented with a standard three-ball pinball table, named “ CasinoGames” with drop-targets, rollovers, bumpers and two levels of flippers.

Ultimately, this is a fun collection of games for those enthusiast card players or gamblers— also for starer of gambling.


The score of the game is average. The Game Machine called it as worth for the money but lacking grab and attention. In addition, AllGame regarded it as the worthy platform to those who like to playing cards or one who is fond-of-gambling.

Sadly, sega hasn’t released a new casino game since SEGA Casino, though you can try your hands on it with the current version.