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Microsoft XBox

Xbox is a video gaming brand that represents a series of video gaming console developed by Microsoft. The first gaming console of Xbox was released on November 15, 2001, in North America and in 2002 in Europe and Japan. It was a sixth generation home video game console. The Xbox was the first video game console that features a built-in hard disk drive. The Xbox had sold across 24 million units of Xbox console. The Bestselling game of Xbox console was Halo 2. The Xbox had sold across 8.46 million copies of this game. In 2002 Microsoft started Xbox live, A online gaming service that allows subscribers to download new content and connect with other players. The Xbox live works with a broadband internet connection. It was a paid service. On July 2007 Microsoft reported that Xbox live service had reached more than 3 million subscribers. The Xbox Live service was a good deal for Microsoft that helped Xbox to become a relevant competitor to other sixth-generation consoles. Xbox console was Discontinued in Japan on June 4, 2006, In Europe March 11, 2007, in North America on March 2, 2009. Here are some Xbox Emulators which you can download for playing Xbox games on your windows. These emulators will give you the same interface as the Xbox console.