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Game Title Rating Dowloads
UltraHLE 0/5 2275
SupraHLE 0/5 379
MegaN64 0/5 140674
Mupen64 0/5 4614
Mupen64 AE 0/5 35453
Mupen64++ 0/5 2605
Mupen64Plus 0/5 6718
Mupen64Plus 0/5 23104
N64oid 0/5 76552
Nemu64 0/5 2686

Nintendo 64 (N64)

Nintendo 64 was the fifth generation gaming console. It was released in June 1996 in Japan and later in North America and other countries. Nintendo launched Nintendo 64 in North America with a big marketing campaign. The Nintendo 64 was in heavy demand when it was released. For Nintendo 64 heavy demand Industry analyst David Cole said that “you have people fighting to get it from stores”. Nintendo released approx 388 games for Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 was released in serval game colors. Nintendo had sold 32.93 million units of Nintendo 64 worldwide. The Nintendo 64 was not successful in Japan because of Playstation and Sega Saturn. Nintendo 64 remains the most popular gaming console in the gaming history and Nintendo 64 games are still popular. The Nintendo also released accessories for Nintendo 64 including rumble Pak and Transfer Pak. It was the third home video game console of Nintendo in the International market. Nintendo 64 was the first gaming console of Nintendo’s that feature true 3D effects. The Bestselling game of Nintendo was Super Mario 64. Now you can play Nintendo 64 most popular games on your android or pc with the help of Nintendo 64 emulators. Download N64 emulators and enjoy your favourite N64 games.